Ronnie Burak Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
PY 4593


In my private practice I work with individuals seeking treatment for mood and anxiety difficulty, problems related to trauma and grief, and stress related problems involving work, family, and relationships.

I work with couples and families to improve communication and help find ways to more effectively deal with the challenges in their relationships in the midst of busy and complex lives.

I also counsel individuals who are going through the difficult process of separation, divorce, and single parenting.

Given my interest in mind/body medicine I see patients who are dealing with medical issues involving cardiac problems, cancer, and other kinds of chronic concerns that cause them stress, and sometimes anxiety and depression.

I have also worked extensively with women's emotion/endocrine issues such as PMS, post partum mood and anxiety disorders, and menopause.

I specifically counsel couples that are dealing with infertility and may be using a sperm or egg donor, or a gestational surrogate.

I counsel high school and college students who may be in need of help with the stresses of academics, family, and social issues.

I am very lucky to be working closely with my husband Carl, who is a Psychiatrist. If clients that I am seeing need medication consultation, he is readily available.

I have also worked extensively with people who are functioning well but are in need of guidance and coaching to more effectively address issues either in their professional or personal life. My goal is to help people achieve their highest potential in these areas.

For the last 18 years I have been doing a mind/ body medicine program for Cardiac patients and their spouses. This program is part of the Baptist Beaches Medical Center Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Heart patients who are not in the Cardiac Rehab Program are welcome to attend the classes.

For the last 6 years I have been working with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I facilitate the rookie success program and act as a consultant to players, scouts, and coaches. As a part of my private practice I work with athletes, helping them improve performance.

I work with corporate and professional groups, and have done a variety of seminars that can be designed specifically for a particular group. These seminars have included subjects such as stress management, communication in the workplace, leadership and creativity.